A couple in the mountains.

A coincidence that changes everything.

Can a thought kill?


HIMALAYA is a film that touches both an emotional and an intellectual chord. The title represents a place where heaven meets earth, where the air is thin and fate is an omnipresent force.


The story begins as a classic love triangle, but takes an unexpected turn and becomes a drama of nightmarish proportions.The film’s chief protagonist is an ambivalent figure, who is faced with a long overdue decision that he has been reluctant to take for fear of the consequences.

HIIMALAYA deals with causality and coincidence, repression and responsibility. It examines the hidden links between things, without providing simplistic answers. Life remains unfathomable and this film will not change that fact.

Switzerland 2010/11 • fiction • 27 min. • Swiss German / German
Subtitles in German, French, English


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